Theme: Innovative Library and Information Services

  1. Bibliometric analysis of book of papers of annual seminars of Ahmedabad Library Network (ADINET)
    by Chaudhari, Shanti, Chaudhary, Ashok S. and Vaishnav, Nupur
  2. Electronic information resources and services in agricultural sciences: university libraries: a study
    by Swamy, H. M. Chidananda
  3. Innovative information services
    by Sureshchandra, Mishra Asha
  4. Innovative library services in the modern Era
    by S., Mahadeva, D., Karigowda and Mahamed, Hasan
  5. IT based information resources and services in library management in engineering education in globalization: an analytical study
    by Swamy, H. M. Chidananda
  6. Library and service learning: a case of Atmiya group of institutions
    by Tank, Sheetal and Kanabar, Varsha
  7. Need and importance of information: innovative information services
    by Dave, Dhruvi and Bhatt, Dhrutika
  8. Neural network for libraries: a study
    by Rani, Uma and Mittal, Arvind

Theme: ICT Enabled Library and Information Services

  1. Application of QR codes in academic libraries: a study of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Government College, Silvassa
    by Agrawal, Pawan
  2. Developing video archive library using Omeka: an open source digital library management system
    by Panchal, Dhiren and Amin, Jignesh
  3. Free library website by a librarian using WordPress: design to hosting on cloud
    by Kumar R., Ashwini, Kumar K. S., Sandesha, M. H., Harish, R., Kumara and C. N., Venkatesha 
  4. How to manage Gujarati digital collections with Greenstone Digital Library Software: A digital library model
    by Zala, Lavji N. 
  5. Impact of RFID technology on Libraries
    by Kumbhar, Sagar
  6. Social bookmarking as content management tool: a case of
    by Trivedi, Rakesh
  7. Use of mobile apps in providing library services: an overview
    by Mahamed, Hasan, S., Mahadeva, M. C., Vasantha and D., Karigowda

Theme: Library Advocacy

  1. Advocacy of library professionals in performance evaluation
    by Mistry, Jagruti K. and Tandel, Kailash D.
  2. Community engagement in developing public libraries: issues, challenges and suggestions
    by Thamaraiselvi, G.
  3. Community service-an overview
    by Krishnappa and Y. K., Ankamurthy
  4. Library advocacy in present era
    by Chandra, Subhash

Theme: The Present and Future of Librarianship

  1. Library as longitude, rethinking portrayal, rethinking capacity
    by Ahirwar, Jitendra and Verma, Sarita
  2. Modern librarians: are they good decision makers?
    by Saravanan, T.
  3. Re-imagining today’s librarianship
    by Jha, Moti kumari
  4. Re-imaging today’s librarianship: changing role and future libraries
    by Makwana, Jignesh C.

Theme: Designing Libraries

  1. Design thinking for libraries: a deep knowledge of user and their problems
    by Vijay.K., Suthar, Nayi, Kaushik and Chaudhary, Shanti P.
  2. Library as a learning space in the digital era
    by Katagi, Sachin
  3. Library space management a step towards digital library
    by Barevadia, Jaya
  4. The space of academic libraries in future
    by Krishnamurthy, Mythili

Theme: Library Collaboration and Cooperation

  1. 21st century school libraries: creating an impact on national curriculum and learning methodology through collaborative
    by Raghunathan, M. O.
  2. Evolution and development of libraries through collaborative partnerships
    by Arora, Anubha
  3. Library collaboration, cooperation and impact of valuable partnership in libraries in digital environment
    by Mishra, Priyanka
  4. Re-thinking professionally on teamwork in the library
    by Tandel,Kailash D. and Suryavanshi, Meena S.

Theme: User Studies in Libraries

  1. Assessing the user information needs of public libraries with special reference to city central library Dharwad: a study
    by Kumbar, B. D., Patil, Rohit R. and Lamani, Manohar B. 
  2. Information seeking behaviour of faculty members of school of engineering & applied science in Ahmedabad University
    by Bhagat, Chetas, Kanani, Rahul and Thakor, Ripal
  3. University libraries of Gujarat and India: a comparative study
    by Rabari, Lagdhir
  4. Use of internet by the writers of Odia literature: a case study
    by Panda, Gayatribala and Jena, Puspanjali