Seminar Theme and Sub-Themes

The Seminar Theme: ‘Re-imagining Today’s Librarianship’

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) has changed the face of Libraries and librarianship and has introduced the Digital Era. This era provides an unbelievable opportunity for libraries to reinvent themselves. With the advent of disruptive technologies the current trends are changing rapidly from the way we work to the way we deliver information services to the users. This digital revolution has literally reshaped our lives.  It is said that “perhaps the future of libraries lies in a return to their roots — as conveners of information & those who can understand & translate that information to the needs of an innovative world.” With reference to the prevailing conditions, this year ADINET and AII is jointly organizing a seminar on ‘Re-imagining Today’s Librarianship’ with the following sub themes:

Sub-Theme 1: Changing Role and Future of Libraries

Awareness about the current trends in the profession will provide us new opportunities to actively plan and organize work. This will enable us to provide vision about the current requirements of a constantly changing society. In terms of physical space the large rows of stacks filled with books are being replaced for collective work, maker spaces, free internet access, technical classes etc. Under this theme papers are invited on the following sub-topics:

  • Re-thinking Library Space
  • Emerging Staff Positions
  • Professional Development

 Sub-Theme 2: Need and Importance of Information

LIS professionals are efficiently spotting the trends and are trying to incorporate them in their programmes and services. Information resources and services are also planned as per the dynamic learning requirements and organizations’ Vision and Mission. As per the pressing needs LIS curricula are also being framed as per the requirements of job market.  Papers can be submitted on the following sub- topics:

  • Strategic Plans for Providing Information
  • Assessing User Information Needs
  • Data Management Skills
  • Innovative Information Services

Sub-Theme 3: Advocacy

Being LIS professionals, our responsibility is to facilitate right information at the right time to the right users where advocacy plays a crucial role. It will be interesting to discuss why it is important to advocate about libraries and who can be the possible advocates of libraries. Papers are invited to discuss about:

  • Strategies of Advocacy in the Libraries
  • Advocacy Ambassadors
  • Impact of Advocacy in Libraries

 Sub-Theme 4: Collaboration and Volunteering for Libraries

Cooperation and collaboration are the buzz words in the current scenario of libraries. Can we explore the Sister-Libraries Partnership and the Industry-Library aid? Papers are invited, which can impart knowledge on the following sub topics:

  • Development of Collaborative Partnerships
  • Kinds of Expected Partnerships
  • Impact of Valuable Partnerships
  • Community Services